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A Laksh FinAdCorp, Cutomised Investment-Cum-Savings Solutions For Any Risk Apetites.

Loan Point

LOANS means External Borrowing from a Financial Instittute at a predertimed Interest determind by Financial markets.LOANS are Borrowing to meet the expenses not being able to provide through Regular Income Sources such as Employment, Profession, Business or any Self Income activity.Earning etc. In order BRIDGE the gap Needs of Income v/s Expenses and INFLATIONS, MONEYcare n SAVINGSsolutions are the Best sources of Consulting Advisors to set Goals & Target Of Finacial Requirement in Todays World. Negligence Savings Habbit Poor financial planning ,No regular Savings habbit, Poor knowledge of Savings Products, and UNPLANNED EXTRA-VAGANT Needless Spendings lead to SHORTFULL. Of Basic Needs of our Survival.

Types of Loans

Types of Loans are Secured through Licenced Financial Institutions, and Unsecured Loans from Individuals or Investors, HNI [ High Networth Individuals ] etc Ineterst rates vary on Loan Type and quantity, sources and End USE of that Borrowed MONEY. Rates are Finacial market based depending upon DEMAND n SUPPLY of funds. Loans become handy dependable Instruments. We at Lifesolutions have LOANpoint to assist, guide to procure SECURED-LOANS ONLY.