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Premium Hub

A Laksh FinAdCorp, Cutomised Investment-Cum-Savings Solutions For Any Risk Apetites.

Premium Hub

We at Premium HUB, provide you with Relaible Premium Payment Attendents of Most Popular Insu. Cos.

What is a premium??

Amount paid to Insurance Cover for safety, security and Recovering Losses is Premium. LIFE Insurance Cover, HEALth Insurance Cover or Medicliam, Assetts and Liabilities Cover etc. Premium payment for any Insurance Products of LIFE n NON-LIFE Insurance is usually is Regularly. The Insurance Premium is determined by several factors : Type of cover, Features, Age, Quantum of Coverage, type of Products, Premium paying Mode,health, Area or Location of Insured, Climate of Area, LIFE expectancy and Inflation, Cost of Coverv/s Expenses of Cos, Claim v/s Premium Income of Insu Co., etc,, Different Insu Cos- Pvt and State-Owned Insu Cos. Opening to Pvt Insurance Cos, A Service oriented Sector. Timely Premium payment is a Regular Responsilities. It requires a Timely Reminder & Prompt Payment to avoid lapsation of cover, Revival prodecure, Medical Requirements,etc. Requires Active Pick-up, payment, receipt and Policy distribution, Sincere Claim Attendence, Record keeping and Active Insurance Advisor with trained Staff.