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Life Solutions

A Laksh FinAdCorp, Blesses Your Life Is For Ever.

Money Care

A Laksh FinAdCorp, Cutomised Investment-Cum-Savings Solutions For Any Risk Apetites.

Premium Hub

A Laksh FinAdCorp, Renewal Premium Payment of Insurance Companies.

Bima-Bachat Clinic

A Laksh FinAdCorp, Post Sales Servivng Of Financial Products.

Claims Corner

A Laksh FinAdCorp, Assures Your Claims Settlements.

Loan Point

A Laksh FinAdCorp, Provides Loans Of Any Type And Magnitute.

We ensure customers satisfaction through high quality service 24X7 hrs for 365 days.

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  • What We Provide
Value-Added Comprehensive Pre sales Councelling with Post Financial Services for LIFE-HEALTH and WEALTH Growth.
Blending Coutomised Investment-cum-Savings Solutions,Your Secured-Growth Oriented Future.
Ensuring Renewal Premium Payment,Post sales Servivng of Financial Products,and Claims, Providing Loans,Tax Advisory with ITR filing facilities.

Ensure customers satisfaction through high quality timely service 24X7 hrs for 365 days.
We value trust and beliefs vested in our company by our clients for professional contacts.